Prosthetic Leg Cost / Price in Chicago, IL & Other Helpful Information

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Prosthetic Leg Cost in Chicago, IL

Prosthetic Leg Cost / Price in Chicago, IL

If you are looking for a new prosthetic leg in the city of Chicago, you are probably asking yourself 3 key questions :

  • How much does a prosthetic leg cost in Chicago, IL?
  • Who are the best prosthetic leg companies near me in Chicago?
  • Will insurance / Medicare pay for a new prosthetic leg?

Let’s get you some answers.

Prosthetic Leg Price in Chicago, IL

This patient just went up a stair, so at first appearance they are at least a K2 ambulator.

How Much Does A Prosthetic Leg Cost in Chicago, IL ?  

Most amputees reading this are below the knee, so we will start here.  The cost of a basic prosthesis, for a below knee amputee in Chicago, IL costs approximately $6000.00.  If you are not searching for a basic style, we hear you, so we will let you know that the cost will run potentially up to $17,200.00

The question is, where do you fall in this price range?  Right?

If you were someone who was very active prior to your amputation, perhaps walking 1/3 of a mile on a regular basis, or if you are someone who exercised regularly, then you are probably in the K3 and K4 category.  – If however, you are someone who stayed more indoors and maybe went out to get the mail then this is more of k1 – k2 ambulator and this will fall more into the more “basic” style of prosthetic leg. – Basic is not bad.

Still want more answers?  We can appreciate that.

When we were looking for the same answers on the internet, we struggled to find good information.  Therefore, with our prosthetic experience, we created the most complete cost break down we could for amputees.  You can find it on this same site here :

If you want more exact pricing for a suction style prosthesis we can get that to you too.  It is under the pricing tab on our homepage.

2.) Who Are the Best Prothetic Leg Companies Near Me in Chicago, IL ?

There are many.  But, let’s discuss what makes them good for you.

Are they close by?

Or better yet, do they come out to the residence you are staying at?

How are their reviews on Google?

All of these are good questions to ask before moving forward with a prosthetic leg company in Chicago.

For many of you who read our blog, you may very well know we are about transparency.  We are about helping you get the answers you need.  Not just trying to convince you that we are the best and every other company is bad. – After providing many prosthetic legs to patients all throughout Chicagoland at their residences, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and elsewhere successfully, we realize we are not the only prosthetic providers out there.

We can say that checking out google reviews of companies would be important to us as we shop around for other things, so perhaps it is a good idea for you to consider the same.  After that, we will leave the decision making up to you, obviously.

Other than our facility, the following is a list of prosthetic leg companies in Chicago, IL.

  • Hangar Clinic
  • Scheck and Siress
  • Bionic Prosthetics and Orthotics
  • Shirley Ryan Ability Lab

We are not sure if each of these prosthetic leg companies will come out to you to provide service, so it is best to ask if you choose to learn more about each of them.  It is also a good idea to see if they take your insurance.

Will Insurance / Medicare Pay For a New Prosthetic Leg?

This is another key question.  The answer is that they could, but it is not always a “shoe in”.

Medicare can pay for 80% of a prosthetic leg in many instances while insurance can pick up the remaining 20%.   But again, it is always a case by case basis.

Other insurances companies out there have been known to pick up the tab on a prosthetic leg.  But it depends on your plan.  If you want help with this, you can call us to help you figure out if your prosthetic leg will be covered or you can do it yourself.   It is always your right to do it yourself.

Just know that prosthetic companies do it all the time and although there are many road blocks put up for perfect information (believe it or not), experience helps when determining costs.

A prosthetic company will also do this service for you for free!  Which is nice.

Your deductible matters.  Your particular sub-plan, within the bigger insurance plan name matters.

All of this factors in.  But if you are going to go down this road yourself, it is best to keep a record of your calls with insurance.  Get ready to be on hold for a little while too, so charge up the phone battery if you have a cordless.

Get a reference number for your call with each person you speak with at the insurance company, as you can refer back to this information later.

We hope this information has helped you.  Good luck in your search.

* Please remember that we are giving you the best prosthetic leg prices we can, but we can not control what other companies do when it comes to prosthetic legs.  The prices given to you above were “cash” prices and insurance / Medicare can often times negate this price tag.  We are just giving this information to you so you have an approximation on cost.

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