Prosthetic Leg Cost In Wheaton, IL – Best Companies Near Me

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When it comes time to get a prosthetic leg and you live in and around Wheaton, IL, you are probably going to think about these 3 questions in some form or another :

1.) How much does a prosthetic leg cost in Wheaton?

2.) Who are the best prosthetic leg companies near Wheaton?

3.) Will my insurance, or Medicare pay for a new prosthesis?

These are great questions and we want to help you get the answers to those questions in the following sections.

1.) How Much Does A Prosthetic Leg Cost In Wheaton, IL ? 

Individuals who’re searching for prosthetic legs often wonder how much these devices cost but there is little information on the internet that gives you those answers.  You might find a snippet here and there, but nothing really substantial that will help you understand what you are looking at for a price on a prosthetic leg.

Prosthetic Leg Pricing: Differences Between Basic and High-End Models

To begin, let’s address prosthetics that are designed for below-the-knee use. These devices are typically in the ballpark of $6,000 (if you want a basic model), and the more complex, models for higher K levels (k3 or K4) can go up to $17,000 approximately.

The foot has a lot of bearing on the cost of a prosthesis, to be really honest.  If you are a k3 or k4 amputee, then the cost can get up to approximately $7900.

So what is K Level? Rinella Prosthetics & Orthotics

For those who were very active prior to amputation, i.e. individuals who exercised regularly, K3 and K4 prosthetic models are ideal. For those who were not so active, K1 and K2 models are better. The K1-K2 models are basic, more affordable prosthetics, and those who’re looking for an affordable prosthetic leg in Wheaton for a below-the-knee amputee often select these models.

Need more information on prosthetic legs? Consult this link this same site.  It is probably the most comprehensive thing you find on the internet and without bias.  Here you go :

2.) Who Are The Best Prosthetic Leg Companies Near Wheaton, IL ? 

As a manufacturer and provider of prosthetics, we provide a lot of service in Winfield, IL which is right next door to Wheaton.  If you know us though, we are all about transparency, because it is not about us, it is about you the reader.  So, we are going to name some other companies you can research in the area as well.  Check out their online reviews and give them a ring if you wish.

A.) Scheck and Siress

B.) Hanger Clinic

C.) DuPage Prosthetic and Orthotics

3.) How Does Insurance/Medicare Factor In ?

In some cases, there is the 80/20 rule.  Meaning Medicare can cover 80% and insurance can cover the rest.  Some insurance companies will cover the entire cost of a prosthetic, while others may cover a significant portion of the cost. In any case, it’s best for below-the-knee amputees to consult with their health insurance providers before they purchase prosthetics, for one can save a lot of money with just a little bit of research.

We suggest calling the prosthetic company of your choice though and they should specifically break down your costs based off of your policy and medical diagnosis etc.  It typically is a free charge, or at least should be!

Good Luck!


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