Below Knee Prosthesis

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Below Knee Prosthesis

A prosthesis below the knee (BK) or transtibial (TT) is custom-designed for a patient who has had a BK or TT amputation. The prosthesis comprises a customized socket, a liner, a pylon and a foot. Often, the below-knee prosthesis consists of a sleeve or other gear, based on the suspension mechanism used by the recipient

Suspension – A quality suspension system helps to hold the customized artificial limb to your residual limb. There are various forms of suspensions available.

Socket – It is a part of the artificial limb in which the residual limb sits. It can be made of thermoplastic, alloy or laminated material at different points in patient treatment but definitive sockets are made of graphite or laminated material ultimately.

Liner – Usually, a liner has a gel component to it to allow for shock absorption and comfort. This goes on the patient’s residual limb first usually and then the customized componentry of the prosthesis is then subsequently applied to help a person walk better.

Prosthetic Foot & Ankle – There are several different styles of feet and ankles available. An individual’s specific need dictates the choice.

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