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Ankle Foot Orthosis – AFO

Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFOs) are important walking aids that address people’s gait mechanics. If you suffer from a drop foot or ankle imbalance issue then you should seriously consider one of these devices.

Either custom made or prefabricated in design, an AFO can help you walk better. Not only that, they can help improve your confidence when you walk. They do this by picking up the foot for you when you walk and also helping to stop poor balance by holding you in proper alignment.

If you are someone who worries that each step is just another opportunity to fall, then you should call Rinella Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc.

Walking problems are addressed by walking canes and two handed walkes, but they do not address the foot drop and postural sway issues like an AFO can.

Be on the look out for Daniel Rinella’s new book on walking. It is called : AFOs, Foot Drop & Fall Prevention.

It will take you through the reasoning behind these devices and they can be the missing link for you when it comes to walking with confidence.


To schedule an appointment for a patient, call us directly on phone number. Consultant availability varies from day to day, but we aim to see all patients within 48 hours of contact. Note that you will not be charged a fee for an initial consultation. You will also not be charged for a second opinion.
You can schedule an initial appointment with our consultants regardless of whether you have a prescription or not. Following on from this, should we advise to your patient that they need a device, they will first need to obtain a prescription. At Rinella, we can work with patients to obtain a prescription if the process is proving challenging. Our consultants are happy to draft out a plan of treatment to patients without prescriptions.
Should our consultants make an in-office visit, we will do this at no cost to you or your business. The costs of the prosthetic device will cover the scheduled visits associated with the device. Any visits that aren’t part of schedule, such as to make last-minute adjustments or repairs, may come at an extra cost. This depends on the warranty terms of the device in question.

AFO Brace with Ankle Hinge

AFO Brace without Ankle Hinge