The Service We Provide

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Medical Solutions

At Rinella Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc, we dedicate ourselves to improving the wellbeing of the patients that come our way. We do this by treating the patient and not just their diagnosis. Instead of just giving you (or your child) a prosthetic and orthotic device, the process is much more customized to the needs of the patient. This includes detailed instructions (both written and verbal) and follow up visits when required at no extra cost, in most cases. Having a specialist who cares can be a huge asset in your care. We do not act like a business chain that will treat the patient like a number.

We provide assistance to patients in many ways but if we had to say it in 1-2 sentences, we would tell you that we help patients regain physical independence while helping them to avoid pain. We also help to correct deformities of the spine and cranium that can be life long challenges if left untreated.

Here’s More of What To Expect…

In Depth Solutions

  • Medical evaluations that includes measurements and patient impressions using state-of-the-art scanning and new hand-casting techniques. This can you get an edge in the treatment process because it will create the best fitting prosthesis and/or orthosis possible.
  • Communication. Our goal is to have all parties “in the know”. We believe the little stuff matters, especially when communicating. Check out our Google Reviews and you will see people referring to this process. We do our best to communicate the keys to your treatment and let you and your doctor important information before and after your operation you may have, to create a plan of action that is as efficient as possible.
  • With the patient, we create a program where we track your progress and be up-to-date with how you progress with your prosthetic and orthotic treatment. Many of our products have extended warranties and we invite patients to come in for follow up visits at no extra cost to the patient during this time.

Peer Support Groups

Rinella Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc is connected with many peer support groups. We can help you or your loved one get connected with groups that can further your rehabilitation. For example, we help to partner a new amputee with an experienced amputee who is of the same gender, age, size of the removed limb, and the reason why it had to be amputated. This is helpful for the new amputee so they can see for themselves what they may expect to happen after their operation and rehabilitation while using the prosthetic. They will see how people with the same level of amputation live successfully, and that these peers will be there to support, educate, and encourage new amputees and their families. This level of support is made possible through Peer Visitation.

Peer groups also exist for orthotic services. We can help you get connected with other people who can discuss the ins and outs of their daily lives with respect to the treatment they have received. Having this as an outlet is very important and can be a meaningful experience.