Patient Bill of Rights

Patient Bill of Rights2020-07-23T19:12:57+00:00

The patient/client has the right to make informed decisions regarding his/her care.


To provide adequate information to permit, when possible or appropriate, the patient’s/client’s direct involvement in the development and revision of the care or service plan.

  • Explain in appropriate detail to the patient/client, in terms he/she can understand, information relating to why the prescribed service or treatment pertains to his/her present condition.
  • Discuss with the patient/client what responsibilities, if any, he or she may have in the care process.
  • Explain to the patient/client the nature and purpose of any technical procedure that may be performed, as well as who will perform that procedure.
  • Inform the patient/client of any possible alternatives to the prescribed treatment that are appropriate.
  • If appropriate, consider the patient’s/client’s request when developing or revising a Plan of Care / Treatment / Service.
  • Inform the physician of the patient’s/client’s input, if appropriate, concerning possible care / treatment / service options.