Custom & Prefabricated TLSOs (For Injured Spine)

Custom & Prefabricated TLSOs (For Injured Spine)2020-07-23T19:57:58+00:00

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Custom & Prefabricated TLSOs (For Injured Spine)

A thoracolumbar sacral orthosis is a brace that supports the spine. TLSOs can have two main functions, one can address Scoliosis and the second kind address injuries to the spine. For purposes of this section of the website, this page will discuss TLSOs that are designed to support the spine in order to promote healing after an injury. (Please do see our scoliosis TLSO page as well, if you wish.)

TLSOs come in custom and prefabricated designs. Both can be effective but each has different merits when providing support to people.

We have a blog that talks in depth on TLSOs and we invite you to check it out. It is among the best you will find on the internet on the topic. We tell people that a TLSO is applied to a person, but you actually apply a person to the TLSO. This means, posture and application postures are very important to optimize the fit of the device. It is a two way street.