How Much Does A CROW Boot Cost?

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The cost of a CROW Boot (otherwise known as a Charcot Restraint Orthotic Walker) is approximately : $1132.00.

In our best efforts to give you a single price, we have to let you know that this is the approximate price.   Not because we are trying to mislead you, but because there are certain variables involved in calculating a “cost”.

For example, where did you get the brace?   Or, where are you going to get the CROW boot brace?

The price inside of a hospital and outside of a hospital can change the cost.   The costs that we are providing to you here are for outpatient use. Keep following us along, this will all make more sense as we go.

No orthotist can give you the cost of a CROW when someone is in the hospital.   We can get you very close, however, when it comes to outpatient use.

So, who makes this price of $1132.00?

A provider of the boot can charge whatever they want, for example, but that does not mean that this is the true price.  The “true” price is dictated by the insurance company or Medicare, for example.  This is done with the use of HCPC codes.  More specifically, these hcpc codes for a CROW boot is known as an Lcode.  The code for the CROW is L4631.

The provider of the CROW boot (an orthotist) does not make the cost of the boot unless you do not have insurance or Medicare for example and you are considered to be “cash” patient.

Price can vary based off of location of the insurance card carrier and the deductible of their particular plan as well.  This is all in relation to the price that the coverage deems to be appropriate per your location.  For example, a CROW boot might pay out as “ABC” in Illinois, while the same product might bill out at 105% percent of ABC, in another state.

Also, price can vary off of any add on codes that might be added to this L4631 base code mentioned above.  For example, it is possible to get medical grade socks to wear inside of the CROW boot.   Or, someone might provide you with a new replacement pad for inside the boot, that goes under your feet.  These both have their own add on codes but the base code price mentioned above will get you very close to the price you are looking for.

Also, if you have insurance you might not have to pay anything out of pocket.  Or, you will be asked to pay the full amount of $1132.00 mentioned above.

This all has to do with how much of your deductible as been met at the time you received the CROW boot.    The deductible is not chosen by the orthotist, but rather the receiver of the boot.

If you have no insurance and you are paying cash at least now you have a frame of reference for the cost that insurance will dictate for the device so you now have something to say at the time of billing.

I hope this information helped you.

Please note that we can not be directly involved in the cost of your CROW boot unless we treat you as a patient.  Therefore, Rinella Prosthetics & Orthotics can only be liable for the costs of these boots if they see the patient directly.

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