Ankle Footorthosis – AFO

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Ankle Foot Orthosis – AFO

Ankle Foot Orthoses are come in many different forms. Usually, if a person will get an AFO they have foot drop or balance issues. This can be due to many underlying conditions such as CP, stroke, MS, CMT and a host of other diagnoses. Sometimes people do not even know why they have a walking problem. An AFO can help them as well.

AFOs are walking aids. They can be very helpful to help restore important gait mechanics which can help give you your walk back. They can help to walk faster and reduce the amount of energy you need to walk from A to B as well. This can be accomplished with a plastic style, carbon graphite or even a metal AFOs. They can custom or prefabricated in style.

AFOs can be used for more than foot drop and balance challenges. They can extend their service to people by helping to treat foot deformities. Moreover, they can help to promote the healing of sores and to help people while they are in bed to avoid contractures.

To best understand all the ins and outs of these walking aids feel free to visit our blog on AFOs. We talk about everything that relates to AFOs. Our pricing tab will also take you through possible costs that you may incur if you do choose to get one these devices.