Can Loved Ones Provide Scoliosis Pain Relief?

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There could come a time in our lives, or maybe the time is now, where a family member, friend or significant other discovers they have Scoliosis. You could very well be searching these blogs for any kind of tips and tricks that you can utilize to better support and uplift that very type of person in your life, right now. It is in our human nature to want to help those that are in pain and encountering some kind of suffering. Looking at the other point of view, from the person having to deal with Scoliosis, it probably feels good to know their pain is not being ignored and they are not left alone to deal with it because they have someone who understands, is supportive and desires to help in any way they can. Since Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine, it tends to create pain in all sorts of ways. Pain can be caused due to pressure being applied to the spinal disks. Nerves can become inflamed and overstretched.  With the abnormal spine curvature occurring, the hips can be pulled off balance resulting in low back pain and stiffness. Muscles that are associated with posture can also tighten and become painful since Scoliosis affects posture.

How can any form of relief be administered by a loved one? This was a well discussed topic when it was posed to a Scoliosis group by a significant other of a Scoliosis patient. If you are here reading these blogs to obtain some insight on what can be done, take a moment and scan the responses that were given by those dealing with this issue and what they wish others did for them.

Massage, Massage, Massage! Yeah that was, by far, the most raved about form of pain relief someone else could provide. As far as products that could be purchased, what seemed to be the number one favorite item was a vibrating massage gun to allow another to give massages and help loosen tight muscles in a deep way. A cheaper method that is right up there with the massage gun, though in the same way as soothing, was manual massages.  In the same way as effective and even more so if Bio freeze, CBD oils/creams or Tiger Balm were topically added into the mix.

Something as simple as drawing up a hot bath infused with Epsom salts was a highly prized suggestion to ease tension throughout the body, muscles AND mind. The idea of assisting in the completion of household chores or running around town doing much needed errands which are activities that could exasperate Scoliosis pain was mentioned as something that would help out enormously but is very rarely considered by those not dealing with Scoliosis. Gift a heating pad so it could be swapped out in intervals with ice packs for muscle pain relief. Here’s the piece of advice that is the easiest of all…. lend a listening ear, be an outlet for them to talk to and by doing this you to show you care by just listening.

Assisting in discovering acupuncturists, yoga classes and a chiropractor who possesses skills and experience in handling patients with Scoliosis are just other words of wisdom given to anyone who is striving to help loved ones who were struggling with Scoliosis pain each and every day. Utilize these tools, show you care and be someone’s godsend. Please do remember though that all ideas mentioned above are for health information only. As always speak with your physician for any and all medical advice.