Scoliosis Relief Utilizing Kinesio Tape

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Scoliosis is usually a condition with a diagnosis that is established early on in childhood and continues on throughout Adulthood. Cases range from very mild to severe and can cause symptoms that interfere with activities of everyday Life such as back problems, self-consciousness over appearance of noticeable unaligned shoulders, hips and ribs and difficulty breathing with more severe cases.

Pain is also one of those symptoms that usually is the result of hips being pulled off balance by the “C” or “S” curvature of the spine. By tapping into the thoughts of fellow Scoliosis patients, we have come across many people declaring their love for Kinesio tape, or K tape, which can last for multiple days if applied correctly. Many raved about the pain reduction that is created in their bodies through the use of Kinesio Tape. Another person stated that when they use it for both their C curve and their posture they actually experience it “pulling” them into correct form and direction. Kinesio Tape is also quite easy to find at your local Walmart, local pharmacies or Amazon. Different suggestion offerings also said to find a massage therapist who knew the ins and outs of K Taping so a massage could be done in conjunction with taping for an even more pain and inflammation reducing experience. Different styles of taping will be required depending on the degree angle of your Scoliosis and, unfortunately, more severe curves may not be helped with taping. Of course, it was highly suggested to work with a kinesiologist and bring with you the person who will be helping you attach it so instructions can be given to be taped properly.

A quick tip for sensitive skin people, as there are many who feel great wearing the tape but dread taking it off to replace new tape. There are creams that can be put under the normal tape like this suggested brand found on Amazon: Tape Relief Sport OR someone suggested SpiderTech Tape which is specially created for sensitive skin. The layer of the SpiderTech tape that adheres to the skin is “moist and gel-like” which makes it less likely to rip the skin and cause irritation when being removed. There are many kinds of tape out there so it may just be using the method of trial and error to find the type that best suits your skin.

Combined with taping, a Scoliosis patient recommended the physical therapy based approach called the Schroth Method. This approach is a non-surgical treatment for Scoliosis which has been studied and shown to help reduce pain caused by Scoliosis. Studies have also shown the Schroth Method’s ability to slow curve progression, improve lung capacity and can be used in collaboration with bracing to improve outcomes. It invites patients to engage in special exercises that are put together for each individual’s body and spine curvature. Focus is placed upon breathing, awareness of posture and symmetry of the muscles along both sides of your body.

Remember all of our bodies are unique and one size doesn’t fit all. Discover what feels good to you. Maybe you have found combining another mode of therapy with Kinesio Tape that completely takes your pain away. Share it with others because you never know who it could help next. As always, we would like to remind you to please be aware that the above suggestions are only for health information. Please do speak with your physician for any and all medical advice you are seeking.

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