Where Did My Friend SLEEP Go?

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Most of the human population does not log the necessary amount of sleep time that their bodies require to wake up feeling refreshed and take on the day in a fully functioning fashion. A person yields about 26 years sleeping and around 7 years in an attempt to sleep.  Now enter in the addition of another factor that just keeps ripping sweet sleep from your grasp: you are a new amputee a few days, weeks or months out of post op. Sleep evades you at every turn due to many different reasons like anxiety, worry, active nerves in the middle of the night, constant thoughts on how life from here on out is going to be dramatically different and what you are going to do to cope.

Take a moment and breath. Know that there are others out there in just the same situation as yourself. They offer simple solutions to help in this situation. There are many suggestions on drugs, both prescribed and natural, to take which we will not discuss here as that is between you and your doctor. Do try noticing, though, if you are coming off certain medications that might be causing insomnia which might soon pass. In this blog, our focus will be directed towards the natural suggestions that can effectively be put to use each and every day without a prescription.

No matter who you are or what your situation is, stress is a big factor in sleep reduction and the ultimate tip to alieve it is to meditate. In discussions with other amputees who have been, or are on this sleep deprivation path, discovery of the simple act of meditating has been determined to be the greatest tool to rest and calm their minds. Meditation also can be applied to the above mentioned sleep robbers too: anxiety, worry and also depression. The use of visualization through meditation can take your mindset and direct it towards a more positive outlook. The mind is a powerful thing and has scientifically be shown to drastically improve states of mind, connection with the body and manifestations of what you want to create in Life. “There’s an App for that”, of course, and popular apps used by fellow amputees include the Calm app that gives a 7 day free trail and then a yearly subscription or the Insight Timer App which is free to download and use. The wife of an amputee says she brews tea with sleep enhancing qualities for her husband and he “sleeps well”. Combine that right before you switch on your meditation app and imagine the sleep that is awaiting you!

Remember we spend about 26 years of our lives in our beds sleeping so why not make your bed an oasis? Advice was given on buying super comfy pillows and bedding to allow superior well-being and tranquility to wrap around you and aid in inducing sleep. If you are a side sleeper, a pregnancy pillow was highly prized and very supportive to one commenter. Make your bedroom a relaxing space which will, in turn, relax your mind and put you into a sleepy state.

In addition to all the aforementioned natural forms of sleep assistance, massage is always recommended too. Alone or combined with meditation, sleepy teas or comfy beds, messages work wonders to relax the entire body, mind and soul! Professionally given or provided by loved ones, a massage will soften and open the body thus releasing tensions and stresses, worries and anxieties. A heated massage knee wrap was a favorite of another commenter because it had 3 heat settings and a vibrating massaging action that helped his insomnia “tremendously”.

Use one or combine all therapies in this blog to help you discover the sleep that has been alluding you. Harness these natural therapies and their abilities to make life just that much better and uplifted.

Please be aware that the above suggestions are only for health information. Please do speak with your physician for any and all medical advice you are seeking.