Pain Management Ideas For People With Charcot Foot

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What we’ve tried for Charcot foot pain management

We want to start this article by saying we are not doctors, but we have spoken with people searching for answers to help them with terrible pain due to reconstructive surgery and charcot foot.

Below is a list of things people have tried that we have heard from about this topic.   We obviously think it is a good idea to talk with your doctor if you feel you are interested in this form of treatment:

1.) Tylenol

2.) Norco

3.) Zanaflex (as a muscle relaxer)

4.) Tramadol

4.) Lidocaine patches

5.) Salonpas

6.) CBD Coconut Oil

7.) Gabapentin

8.) Elevation with pillows

9.) Ice

10.) Diet

11.) Marijuana / THC

12.) Ibuprofen

13.) Lyrica

14.) Duloxtene

15.) Exercise that promotes blood circulation

16.) Naturna to promote deep sleep (can be seen at the “Naturna Store”) on Amazon

1 7.) Volatren

To name a few….

If you are walking around with intense pain from a charcot foot too, you may want to consider a crow boot.  The padding on the inside helps with shock absorption and the rigidity of the boot on the outside helps to control movement that causes pain.  Below you will find a picture of what a CROW boot looks like.

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