Waterproofing Prosthetic Limbs

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Perhaps summer is right around the corner or you are heading out on a well-deserved, dream beach vacation.  Or, perhaps you just crave a better-quality, everyday showering experience with your limb at home, in the dorms or visiting faraway places.

Waterproofing your limb, most likely, will tend toward the top your list for many people that enjoy the aforementioned activities.  Many people are curious as to how to waterproof their prosthetic limb effectively.

So, what is the best method for waterproofing? Is there a special prosthetic leg or arm you buy for these occasions? Or, is there some procedure you can perform to waterproof any prosthetic leg or arm?

We talked to many amputees on this topic and here are some of the suggestions that came up:

1.) The simplest solution of, don’t do anything just hop right in and then dry off as best as possible when done enjoying your water experience. Yet, we are very aware that the very things we are trying to protect are not cheap, there are many folks out there that want an actual solution to protect their prosthetic limb investments.

2.) Many people try to use the use of DryPro’s vacuum sealed prosthetic leg covers.  According to the manufacturer, the cover can be completely submersed in water, thus keeping the prosthetic dry. Many amputees have told us that they have been able to swim for the first time in years without leaks in the cover! Others were hardcore water sports enthusiasts who claimed that these covers are durable while also giving them stability in places they visit that were without handicap accessible showers. The highly recommended DryPro Prosthetic Leg Cover can be found here: https://drycorp.com/products/prosthetic-leg-cover .

3.) Another option that made an appearance was a higher tech prosthetic leg.  It was created coated to resist corrosion: https://www.ottobockus.com/products/x3-microprocessor-knee/.

Ottobock is a long lasting name in the field of prosthetics and if they tell you their products are water proof, then you should listen.  They do not just say things without putting in the time to test.

4.) You should also consider talking to your local prosthetist to see what they have to offer.  They can provide you with componentry that is often times resistant to water and it does not have to be a fancy super expensive option.   With questions about this in and around Chicagoland, contact our office at 815-717-8970.   Someone in our call center will be able to help you.

Remember, just because you are the owner of a prosthetic limb does not mean you have to give up the joys of basking in the sun’s rays while you splash around in the ocean. You absolutely do not have to pass on the invitation to a friend’s pool party either.

Prosthetists do have options that allow you to partake in every aspect of the pool party experience! You can also go visit family whose bathrooms may not have been very accessible for you before which caused you to never pay them visits. Take back your summers, vacations and comforts of taking showers with the above suggestions from every day users of waterproof items who have tried and tested these products.

Please be aware that the above suggestions are only for health information. Please do speak with your physician or prosthetist for any and all medical advice you are seeking.