SpineCor Brace Review

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Many people suffer from Scoliosis around the globe.  The percentage of people who get scoliosis has been reported from 2-4% of the population.  In addition, 80% of these cases have remained without a cause of why or how they developed this condition.  This is commonly referred to as idiopathic scoliosis.

If you have been diagnosed with this condition you may experience severe pain or none at all.  Living with the pain caused by Scoliosis can make simple day to day tasks harder to manage which may even result in high anxiety or depression. Patients may have trouble finding solutions to ease their pain that they experience. It is well known that many treatments and or surgeries can be
very costly and out of reach for some individuals.

We have heard from Scoliosis patients (and their parents) that deal with the pain and inconvenience of having Scoliosis.  These individuals live with it on a  daily basis. We have gathered real opinions on what works best for their pain management from some of these individuals that have come to use the Spinecor Scoliosis Brace system.

The brace was designed help provide full support for the muscular, neurological and skeletal systems of the body. These are three big factors that can change your body movement, ease and or even get rid of your daily pain resulting from Idiopathic or Degenerative Scoliosis.

This form of treatment can be used for children and adults, this brace is custom fit to people’s shape and needs, per the manufacturer guidelines. Many people recommend this brace due to it’s comfort and that it can be hidden under your clothes. It has been said to even reduce the size of the curve with children who experience Scoliosis resulting in less symptoms and stress come adulthood.

This solution has had so many great results per many of the individuals who comment on its use. Some patients have even claimed their pain medication was no longer needed after wearing their brace as directed. The SpineCor brace has been said to work to retrain your muscles as well as your brain to achieve a positive outcome.

This brace is a daytime brace.  It is said to be commonly worn 4 – 12 hours a day.  The amount of time of wear may vary depending on your personal condition.  Some patients have had to wear for up to 20 hours. Patients have been often given certain exercises that they can take part in while wearing their Spinecor to increase results and get their muscles to function properly. This brace has shown great results in reducing adult pain, it has been shown to have a 89% success rate when used correctly.

Another praiseworthy aspect of the brace is that many insurance companies will help cover the cost for you. It is best to talk to your local orthotist for more details and to get their opinion on the brace as well.

This is a review of what some people have said on the brace and it is not necessarily the opinions of the author.   This is health information and not medical advice.

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