KAFO Brace Problems / Reviews

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Common Problems with KAFO Braces
First of all, what is a KAFO brace, and what is it used for? KAFO braces, also known as Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis braces, are a useful kind of full-leg brace for individuals who have suffered an injury to their leg. Those who can make use of this piece of equipment include patients who have suffered paralysis, arthritis, or broken bones. KAFO braces are used to increase stability in the leg that has experienced the aforementioned affliction. What else is there to know about these braces?
Individuals using a KAFO brace should be aware of certain problems associated with this kind of medical equipment. Several issues can occur when using a KAFO brace. First of all, shoes must be worn tightly for your KAFO brace to fit properly. Loose shoes will cause the brace to move back and forth, which could cause problems. Many patients experience this complication because they wear shoes with stretchable shoelaces. While these may allow one to take their shoes on and off more easily, they can be an issue. On the other hand, make sure your brace and shoes are not too tight. Tightness in the shoes or around the brace can cause skin irritation. If skin irritation appears around your shoe or brace, speak with your orthotist. With this in mind, patients should make sure to monitor their skin for redness and irritation. You won’t always feel any discomfort, so it is important to evaluate the area visually. If you notice any redness after removing your brace, see if it goes away after a short period. Usually it will dissipate but, if it does not, you should contact your orthotist. Monitoring your skin for redness is especially important when you first get a new brace. Patients should even consider checking their skin shortly after having it fitted, to make sure they are not suffering immediate skin irritation.
Another concern regarding KAFO braces occurs when a patient loses or gains more than 10 to 15 pounds. If either of these things occurs, your brace will no longer fit properly and could cause problems. If you gain or lose 10 or more pounds, talk to your orthotist to have your brace adjusted or replaced. Another notable issue concerns alignment of your KAFO brace. It is important to ensure your brace is properly aligned — the hinges should be level with your knee. This is something that should be taken care of by your orthotist. However, if issues arise, make sure to contact them to have the problem fixed. One final issue that many encounter is the bottom of their brace not fitting comfortably in their shoe. Try removing the insole and trying the brace on once more. If this does not fix the problem, contact your orthotist.

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