Are Suspension Sleeves Worth the Investment?

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Comfort and mobility are definitely high on the list when it comes to wearing a prosthetic limb. You still yearn to live life as normally as possible while desiring to continue performing all your beloved activities with the freedom to move. When questioned about the use of a suspension sleeve to aid in creating a secure seal and fit between residual limb and prosthetic limb to facilitate more comfortable, natural, less irritating movements, there were more thumbs up than thumbs down in utilizing these sleeves. These sleeves are known to create a seal between said limbs and keep the two connected with one another. The sleeves assist amputees of all activity levels move with less separation of the prosthetic and some suspension sleeves also have the ability to take pressure off pressure points.

Suggestions were made about different websites and products to look into that were tried and tested by amputee folks in similar situations of wanting to engage in normal activity without pain and irritation. The most popular have been listed for your convenience.

Many different options and choices were said to be found here with an affordable price point as well.

Favorite products suggested: Derma ProFlex ( ), FlexiSleeve Prosthetic Suspension Sleeve ( )

Of course, like with any favorite products we own, regular use of your suspension sleeve will provide signs of deterioration. Many amputees that employ the use of these suspension sleeves offer advice on how to elongate the life of your sleeve. One person said to keep the sleeve away from heat because it could cause any gel in sleeves to disintegrate. Another advised others to roll up the sleeve after each use otherwise the sleeve will wear and tear much quicker if pulled and tugged on and could even get stretched out. One gentleman gave a piece of advice which was to invest in a product called a Gaitor that slips on over the top of the socket and any other sides to seal them so the sleeve can glide effortlessly on and not rub or get caught up on anything which would eventually cause breakdown or produce holes in the suspension sleeve which would then render it useless. Using this Gaitor proved to be a life expansion for everyone’s suspension sleeves that recommended them. ( )

Remember, activity in your Life does not have to be lessened or put to a halt just because you possess a prosthetic limb! You have many different options and choices to ensure your activity levels can stay where you want them to while also still providing comfort and the ability to enjoy yourself. Take a look into the above suggestions, made by other amputees, of suspension sleeves to see if any might work into your Life and enable the activities you engage in to be more effortless and comfortable on your body.

We wish to remind you that all of the above suggestions are for health purposes only. Please know you should consult your physician for any and all medical advice.

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